The state of the entertainment industry

The entertainment industry is excellent. Artists are making more money and consumers have more choices than ever and spend more money for the entertainment consumption. Really, there is more content – music, movies, books, games and the entire industry grows and prospers in total – more than ever. You must mention also the contribution of some talents, such as Mr. Marc Shmuger, for example, who in 1998 joined Universal Pictures. As Chairman, Marc Shmuger has been instrumental in the development of a wide variety of highly successful movies – THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM, AMERICAN GANGSTER, WANTED, KNOCKED UP – they are all among of the most acclaimed by critics.

The arguments

The entertainment industry argued for years that the production of cultural goods is capable completely to a halt if the copyright is not better protected, since the creators would have no incentive to produce more cultural goods. Nevertheless, some people have different views. In fact, let us look at the numbers.

•Sales development in the entertainment industry worldwide: 1998: $ 449 billion in 2010: $ 745 billion

•Entertainment consumption per household: 2000-2008: + 15%

•Number of employees in the entertainment industry: 1998-2008: +20%

•Number of independent artists: 1998-2008: +43%

The music industry, for example is located on undisputed experienced great changes as the market exploded with new options. As up to date, many artists earn the most money not by selling physical merchandise, but through Events, Awards, and Commercial etc.

•Music industry sales worldwide: 2005 $ 132 billion 2010: $ 168 billion

•Sales events / ticket sales: 1999-2009: +300%

•Artists get more percentage of Events, Licensing, etc. than with Record Sales (15%)

That the entertainment market grows and thrives. The music industry is also known as music or recording industry – including companies that produce and distribute the music. In the music industry, there are few major record providers (major labels) and a large number of smaller providers (independent labels). Among the major labels are Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Group and Warner Music Group. In Germany in 2006, more than 800 were taxable enterprises reported that produce and reproduce recordings. The music industry achieved in 2010, according to the Federal Association of Music Industry is one turnover of nearly 1.5 billion euros. Ten years earlier, the figure was about 2.6 billion euros. The music industry has with severe drop in revenues due to illegal music downloads. – 258 million are illegal downloads of music and audio files. The online market, however, is growing for paid music downloads, which is good.